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Reatta 16 x 7 Wheels

B Jake Moran

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I pointed out to this seller that Buick (GM) never made this wheel as a 16 inch wheel.  His response was that all Reatta wheels for 1990-1991 were 16 inch because he owns 2 and they are 16 inch.   As you folks know, I am often wrong.  Did they make this wheel for other cars in 16 inch? 




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The 1988 -1990 Reatta wheel was the 5 spoke design.

The exception was the 1990 Select Sixty convertible had the 1991 design 16" wheel and all of the ones used on the 1990 convertible were white.

That wheel was also used on 1988-1990 Buick LeSabre T-type coupes but used a completely differed hub cap design in black plastic

Looks like the seller of the wheels is trying to build a retirement fund selling the parts from a Reatta.

He has a "like new" brake accumulator listed for $119........I would not buy a USED accumulator for anything close to that price.... without knowing some things about it,

it would be a crap shoot and you might end up with an expensive paper weight.

For reference below is the Reatta '88-90 wheel with hub cap,  the black car is the LeSabre with the black hub cap,  the white wheel is the 1991 design available in white

and that last picture is the 1991 wheel in standard silver.




tire pressure.jpg

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Yes, the stock Reatta wheel 1988 to 1990 was a 15x6" I believe first used on the T-Type. '90 Slect 60s and all '91s has a 16x7 that looks considerably different.


Since I never liked the Buick wheel, mine currently has 16x7 "cross lace" wheels from a mid-90s Pontiac Bonneville. The wheel center just says "ABS".




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