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1939 ford flat 4 timing

Phillip Robinson

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trying to replace distributor, after pulling engine apart.  The manual says to have the broader offset tongue directed to the rear, as viewed from above, when the distributor and coupling shaft is removed. BUT, it says the condenser is towards the cylinder head?  I have the shaft at 45 degrees to the front, with the larger offset facing the rear. Does not seem correct... Does anyone have a picture of the offset tongue , in this position, and , a picture of the condenser position, when at TDC for piston one.

motor is a 4 cylinder, flat 4 , prefect motor, E93a. 1939 model. Thanks Phil 

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Phillip, new main bearings for the 1172cc Prefect engine are available online for around €23 plus freight. Available in std., .010", and .020" under-size at least. If the crank is definitely re-ground, I suggest having it checked and measured, if size stampings are not obvious, and treating it to a new set of shells.

To answer your question, it is not usual or normally advisable to fit used shells on a reground crank. However, if a supply of used shells of the same under-size is at hand, careful checking and measuring with plasti-guage may just turn up a usable set within clearance specs. If they are not within spec. right across the journal, they would not last, and may damage the crank.

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