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Selling Original Man cave Exide Garage a must have!

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Selling a item from the garage.  Can be delivered free to Hershey.

CH74-78 Chocolate Field South    Close by to light pole 56

This is as a Original and complete Exide Sure Start Battery Charger-Tester you can find in my Opine. Most were beat to Crap in the garages.

Asking 2000.00

Found one that Sold at Barrett Jackson in 2016 see last pics of item:

the one that Sold for 1265.00 plus buyers premium almost 1500.00 Was missing the main front Exide Sign also sides they put Texaco and painted fancy pin stripe lines, and it should have the Exide Sure start service and other side A Safe charge an Accurate test and also missing the foot Moulding,  see the Barrett Jackson and then see my Original in the pictures.  PM me if your Interested in this great edition to your Man cave. Save on Freight.









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