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1936 buick clock


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My clock stopped working and have searched several threads and it is apparent that repair by me beyond my expertise. In search the web I found The Clock Works and Smith Classic Car Clocks which repairs old auto clocks. Mine is a Borg 6 volt-I have new wiring harness as well as several clocks and housing as well as new lens for the clock. The estimated charge per website is $49-$59 bucks plus shipping. I find  the cost reasonable but as always wonder what real cost may be once clock is received. Any suggestions or experience with either one of the clock repairers mentioned? Thought about contacting Dave Tachney but think I would prefer to get one of my clocks working/repaired as opposed to obtaining an additional used one. 


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A common problem with the Borg clocks is a thermal fuse that opens when the battery voltage gets low. This is not the same fuse that is on the back of the clock. When the voltage becomes low it can't wind the movement; when that happens the clock will draw excess current, draining the battery further. The thermal fuse prevents the clock from completely draining the battery. If the car is not to be used for an extended period, the fuse on the back of the clock should be removed to prevent the thermal fuse from opening..


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