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help identifying make, model and year of vehicles

r fox

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In what town was the picture taken?

What is the interesting building in the background?

Is that building still standing?  I hope so!


The building looks like a school.

Buildings like that are good for hundreds of years,

and should be preserved, but unlike cars, often get

scrapped when they are still very viable.

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The motorcycle on the left could be either a post-1920 Henderson or Excelsior, going by the single coil front suspension :Edit an Ace is another possibility. The one in the middle is a post-1920 Harley; the first year of the high mounted headlamp was 1920. I'm not sure about the bike on the right, it's a bit hard to tell, I think it's a pre-1920 Excelsior with that coil front leaf spring, although it isn't clear enough to say for sure.

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