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1965 Mustang GT Convertible *SOLD*

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*SOLD* Seriously nice car. It's the second one in this color combination I've had and the first was over-the-top (and sold for nearly $60,000) but this one drives better. It was a trophy-collector about 10 years ago, but has been driven a bit since then so it's not quite perfect. Nevertheless, it's extremely nice--so nice, in fact, that we just casually took it to a Mustang Club show last Sunday with Melanie's '66 GT convertible and because I put it in the wrong class (judged rather than people's choice open) it scored 665 out of 700 points and earned a silver award. And I didn't even detail the engine or wipe it off (also, thanks to my son Cody for showing the car while I was judging others--he didn't know what to do but just did what the judges told him). 

Anyway, I digress. This is still a very impressive car. It's a real A-code convertible but it's always hard to prove whether one of these is a real GT, and I can't say for certain. It has all the right parts and the brilliant black paint looks spectacular with the red GT stripes. Panel gaps are probably better than new and there's not a wave or ripple anywhere. All the chrome was obviously replaced and the correct emblems and decals are in place. It's worth noting that back-up lights were optional in 1965, so that's why this one doesn't have them and Melanie's '66 does, and it has the right crosshair-style grille insert and honeycomb background. 

The red "Pony" interior is really the very best choice in a black car and it is also virtually like new. The seats are firm and comfortable, but not over-stuffed and hard feeling like the last black-on-red GT we sold. You'll note an optional Rally-Pac on the steering column, proper woodgraining on the dash, and a full array of fully operational gauges. I'm inclined to believe that's the original AM/FM radio but I've never seen one before and 1965 is pretty early for FM. It also has a console, black power convertible top that looks new, and a driver's remote mirror, so it's pretty well loaded up. The trunk is correctly finished with a reproduction mat and a bias-ply spare on a matching styled steel wheel (a second set of wheels and original-style bias-ply redline tires are included with the car). 


No way to know if an early Mustang is matching numbers, but it's a correct A-code 289 cubic inch V8. It's nicely detailed with a black block and chrome dress-up parts. Power steering is a nice addition but power brakes were not available with the GT's front discs. There's a big Holley 4-barrel carburetor under the stock air cleaner but I'm pretty sure an Autolite 4100 was standard equipment; that appears to be the sole mechanical modification. I spent a lot of time tweaking and tuning it on Saturday in preparation for the show and it starts instantly hot or cold, idles at 600 RPM, and pulls with as much enthusiasm as the 302 roller motor in Melanie's 4-speed car. The C4 automatic transmission isn't the liability you'd expect and it pulls hard enough that downshifts are not really needed. 3.00 gears make it a great highway cruiser (I found myself breezing along at 70-75 MPH on the way home from the show) and it tracks like a cruise missile. I believe the floors have been replaced because they're way too nice to be original and the exhaust is a little too quiet for my tastes on a sporting car like this. The aforementioned styled steel wheels carry redline radials that are great for driving.


This Mustang might strike the best balance between exceptional quality and great road manners that I've seen. Usually they're tired and ragged or over-built and over-restored so you feel uncomfortable. You'll slide into this one and feel at home instantly and the eager engine and comfortable suspension make it a fantastic road car that you'll enjoy driving no matter where you go. A really nice early Mustang in awesome colors that's totally sorted and ready to go. Asking price is $49,900 which may seem like a lot for a Mustang (it's not) but it's more than 90% as good as the perfect one we sold for considerably more. I'll probably bring it to Hershey so come see it and you'll understand. Thanks for looking!















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