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1974 Porsche 914 by Original Owner

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Once again the mindless speculation from the peanut gallery on Bring-A-Nitpicker.com kills a car's value. The very first comment was some nobody saying that the car was probably rusty and needed extensive structural repairs that would cancel out its value. Then the rest of the zombies chime in agreeing that 914s were notorious for rusting and that since it was in storage for so long it probably had serious rust issues from moisture (which was completely NOT in evidence) and needed a full restoration. Then there's the guy who identified it as a totally different car (yeah, because orange 914s are rare :rolleyes:) saying it was sitting out in a driveway for 15 years under a tarp and he and another club member even went to see it and they officially declared it's a piece of junk with serious issues.


I'm sorry it didn't do better, but I continue to wonder why the hell anyone trying to sell a car thinks that's the right approach? 

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