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1956 Ford Thunderbird

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Looking for a video that shows the procedure in removing a Town & Country Radio from my wife’s T-Bird.  I found a company that can repair it but it must be shipped out.


Thank you in advance.



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Hi Tom,

There is no video that I am aware of. The way to remove the radio is to pull the volume and station selection control knobs off. Next remove the wires from the back of the radio, including the wire for the antenna. Next is to remove the two nuts that screw on the front. There may also be a bracket on the back side of the radio under the dash. If so that needs to be removed. I forget if there is since I haven't removed the radio in 15 years. Most of the hard work is being on back looking up under the dash. This you can do from the passenger side, so there is a little more space. It is not particularly difficult, just cramped.

Best regards,

Lew Bachman

1957 T-Bird Colonial White

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