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Started on my 55 Buick Special Brakes yesterday

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I finally pulled a brake drum off the right rear to get an idea what was going on with the brakes.  The brakes really weren't doing much even if I stood on the brake pedal.  Pulled the wheel and felt a drag when I spun the drum by hand.  Went to the adjustment hole and the adjuster was fully expanded.  So moved that in so I could pull the drum.  The inside of the drum was shiny but also deeply, deeply scored.  The brake shoes were almost new except for massive deep scoring in the linings.   Seems like someone was trying to improve braking by adjust the brakes to drag on the drum.  I haven't pulled the wheel cylinder yet but suspect it is seized.  So I ordered new rear drums and shoes, new hardware, and new wheel cylinder.  After the rears are working right, I'll move on to the fronts.


One question, the spring on the parking brake strut is in crappy condition but I can't seem to find a new one on the usual sites and it isn't shown as being part of the kit from Bob's.  Chevy strut springs seem to be everywhere are they the same?



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