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Need Info on Combination Switches


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I am hoping that someone could identify the year and model that these switches pertain to.  Both were included in a bucket of parts that came with my car, and obviously have not seen much care.  They are not original for my Model 27-27.  So for the 27-27 I will need Buicks original switch, their number D-1288. If you have one or know of one, please advise on that.

Also what is the rusty screw or bolt used for?





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The other switch is a Bosch not for our Buicks. Check on the post about, Which one is correct? Full discussion on these switches.

 The earlier style Kellogg switch is very repairable. But according to the Master Parts Book from 1931 these would no longer be available. So, in 1931 if you needed a new switch for your say for your 10 year old 1921 Buick you got the newer style switch. GM by then going full force to their in-house supplier Delco-Remey. Unfortunately the Delco die cast wonders did not stand the test of time.


Part of the collection of Delco switches and components to try and build up a workable unit. At the far right is the new aluminum case from BOB"S  and switch levers. This also needs some modification to have everything go together properly. I believe that his supplier took a nearly perfect original to make his mold from. When the casting was made shrinkage for the aluminum is noticeable. 


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On the photo of the 2nd in question this is what my eye was seeing. American Bosch Trademark. The somewhat evil looking face with the spade beard and goggles

1130112522_bosch-svc-stn-skinny1.thumb.png.dd0a5aa5174c63d92cd77eb2bf80eac7.png   674241110_bosch-gmbh-1-p1.thumb.png.2026e243263c4589d73a40f6f87f00c9.png

Also as a radio collector I had an American Bosch console radio for over 40 years with the same logo on the dial escutcheon.



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