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AACA Library book sale - 50% OFF - FREE shipping on $50+ orders

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Over the past year, the AACA Library has been selling books to help raise money. These books are duplicates of titles already in the collection. This post has been edited to reflect our current offer. You might remember our volunteer Bruce Vaughn compiled a list of over 1,000 books for sale and that these books were NOT available through our eBay store. While the list is still up, it hasn't been updated since October. There were a number of titles sold during the Hershey Fall National, and we have added plenty more since then. We have decided to leave the list up as a reference point but, if there is a specific title you are looking for, please feel free to contact regardless of whether or not it's on the list. 


50% Off All Books!:

That's right, folks! In anticipation of our upcoming move, we are slashing prices of books in half. We recently announced this sale and are eager to give some good reads equally good homes. As of this edit (03/18/20), we are also running a 50% off sale on eBay, with the sale encompassing books, shop manuals, owner's manuals, sales literature, reproduction factory photographs and more. 


The List:

Click HERE to view the complete list.


If you are interested in finding specific titles, makes, authors, etc. you can search the document. To bring up the search bar, click on one of the fields. Then hold the "CTRL" plus "F" keys. To start, it's best to keep your searches general (ie: author's last name before first and last name). 



Due to the amount of time involved, we did not include in-depth condition descriptions. The list does note whether or not the book has the original dust jacket (sometimes denoted as a "sleeve"). If you have questions about a specific book please let us know.


Shipping & Handling:

Media Mail - The default method for shipping books within the U.S. Prices are very reasonable, but shipping times can vary from a few days to a few weeks (over a month on very rare occasions). For time-sensitive orders, please consider USPS Priority Mail.


FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. on all book orders of $50 or more. (excludes books on eBay unless they are ordered outside the platform)

OR free pick-up at the library (suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 epidemic)


First Class International - The default method for shipping books internationally. Weight limit is less than 4 lbs before being bumped up to Priority International. This can get pricey very fast.


More information:

Call: 717-534-2082

Email:  mhocker@aaca.org 






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Updated Sale (see edit history)
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Matt, I went to the AACA Library on Friday afternoon. during Hershey and purchased a 1958 Cadillac brochure. I was wondering if several brochures  that I saw are still available for purchase? 1932 Chrysler Six color folder, 1957 Plymouth Station Wagon folder,  1949 Buick Station Wagon folder. Thanks, as always, John Salemmo

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@Klughterfo, which book(s) are you looking for? Are you referring to Checkered Flag or another title/set of titles? Please let me know, and I'll have a look.


@DFeeney, thanks for your question. The prices are on the list - My guess is that you need to expand the window of the spreadsheet. You might even need to scroll horizontally to see it. Prices are listed in the 7th column. If they still aren't showing up, please feel free to send me a direct message with your interests, and I'll send you the prices. 


1. The list has not been up to date since October, as we sold several books during Hershey Fall Nationals and added many more titles to the shelf since then. The list was an experiment, but it became increasingly challenging to keep up with on top of our regular duties. We are keeping the list up as a reference point for pricing data, etc. That being said, we welcome anyone to inquire about books in stock, be it on the list or otherwise. 

2. 50% OFF SALE - We recently announced a 50% off sale on all of our books. This applies to anything on the list, books that aren't yet on the list and (currently) items in our eBay store. In our initial post, we offered free domestic (U.S.) shipping on book orders of $50 or more. We will continue doing so in the anticipation of our upcoming move. The offer for free shipping does not extend to books on our eBay store, as the eBay store is handled separately. However, if you see something you like and would like to add it to your order, drop me a line and, so long as the book is still in stock, we will remove the listing from eBay and extend the discount if your order meets the requirements.

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Hello again,  I would like to purchase the following books.  #36 @  $10.   #184 @ $3.   #189 @ $5.  ,  #198 @ $10. ,#203 @  $5.   #204@ $10.  #418@ $10.  #853 @$10   Let me know my  total and send me a phone number and I will call you and pay by credit card,   thanks,  Don Feeney   740-816-4284

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@DFeeney, your order was packed on Friday and left in the mailing room. Thanks for the order!

@drwatson, I'm currently working from home so I don't have the exact year at the moment. The Chilton Catalog and Directories are kind of unique, in that they include some data, along with a lot of advertising from various parts manufacturers/services, including a directory with addresses, etc. I do know that we had a couple from the 1920s. Here's an example someone listed from 1928, to give you a rough idea of what's inside. 



If this type of a book is of interest to you, please send a message through the forums or email me at mhocker@aaca.org.

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