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What year and make (Chevy 20's?)


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A four cylinder one - the only models that had two wheel brakes.


I have not yet decided whether it is the earlier Model 58 with the 109" wheelbase or the later Model 50 with the 103" wheelbase.


I was thinking it was the earlier model because it looked that little bit longer but then I see that all of the Model 58s I can find have six rim bolts on the wheels. 


Most of the Model 50s I see have bullet shaped lamps so I think this car is an early example - probably from late 1926 - of the Model 50  that was introduced as a 1927 model.


The Standard Catalog says the base price was $750.

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It is definitely a 4 cyl Chrysler due to the short length of the hood.

The 1926 had 6 lug wheels and drum shape lights, the 1927 and 1928's had 4 lug wheels. The 1927 model 50 had drum shaped lights while the 1928's had bullet shaped lights. So pretty sure this is a 1927 model 50 Chrysler.

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