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53 Mercury Ignition Cylinder

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Well, I went and goofed up, and misplaced the ignition key for my 53 Mercury Monterey. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to replace the ignition cylinder, ideally without damaging the old cylinder (and of course without the original key). I've tried looking on youtube for a tutorial or something, but can never seem to find the right year or vehicle. I'm hoping to not damage the original cylinder in case I ever find the original key again.



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I have Brand New Ignition Switch and Tumbler -- if you need or want -- as permanent or a stop gap -- and I have a couple remaining OEM FOMOCO, but the keys say "FORD", not "MERCURY".


Always best to simply call me -- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935.....

My non-Fomoco are N.O.S. very U.S.A. made....

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The door lock is the same key pattern as the ignition lock. I would remove one of the door locks and take it to a locksmith and have a new key made. Look for someone who has been in business for a long time or use one of the locksmiths that advertise in the hobby publications. If your locks did not match before, you can remove the complete switch and have a locksmith pick the lock, remove the cylinder and use the numbers to cut a new key.


Your other option is to buy a complete ignition switch with lock and key. The cylinder cannot be removed without damaging it or the switch.

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