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35 Buick bumper droop.


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At sometime my front bumper brackets must have gotten slightly twisted on my 35. I just got it back from the powder coaters and it looks good.At one time I noticed it had been brazed or welded. Anyway when bolted to the frame the drivers side is about two inches lower than the other side.It's not real noticeable but it bugs me. Any suggestions on how to level it up? I tried with a Jack under that side but not much luck,a shim maby? Thanks. Greg.


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Hopefully it is the bracket, and not the car's chassis/frame.

One option may be enlarging the attachment point preferrably on the bracket, or less preferentially at the frame horn to allow for adjustment.

First,  get a bit of slack in all of the bolts on both ends of both brackets, left and right -

then with a pair of floor jacks, see if you can level the bumper to the car without raising the car,

and then torque everything down and see if it stays,


1934/1935 Buicks are among my favorites

1934 Buick5 Right Front.JPG

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Can you enlarge/slot/relocate the mounting holes on the bracket where it bolts to the frame?


Can you remove it from the car and "adjust" the shape of the bracket on a press or something like that? It's probably heavy steel so it'll be hard to bend in a way that's controllable, but you can probably get creative and take it slow to see if you can move some metal.


If it doesn't move to 100% correct position, can you adjust the other one in the other direction so that they each go 50% and make the bumper sit level? Nobody will notice.


Get creative, you won't hurt it. If it's not in an area that people can see easily (which it's not) then some creativity will get you the result you need. If it's a show car that demands perfection, you should try to find a set of unmolested brackets or have new ones made. 

Good luck!

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