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1930 Studebaker Commander 8 carb

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19 hours ago, George Rifford 1930 Stude said:

I looking for an updraft carb for an 1930 Studebaker Commander 8


It might be useful to tell us what sort of carb it is and how to identify a 1930 Stude Commander 8 carb. A couple of pictures would be good too. Someone may have a carb. but not know what it was fitted to.

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This website lists the following carburetor for the FD Commander. The same engine/accessories were used on the 1929 Models as well. This might help someone to know what they are looking for.


1930     8   250 FD Commander                  Stromberg  UX-2 


If you have the old carburetor, there is an exchange available here:


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Hello, I purchased a Stromberg UX-2 for this car. It's being rebuilt, but now I see a different problem. The UX-2 will bolt up fine on the intake. But the throttle linkage is different than the current linkage. Currently I have a Tillotson updraft single barrel carb on the car. The throttle linkage on the Tillotson runs down along the frame length wise. The Stromberg linkage works at a right angle to the Tillotson  moving the linkage toward the engine. I'm not noticing any linkage on the engine that with help bolt up the Stromberg and make it work properly. Can you help me?


George Rifford

913 -314-3313 cell

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