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duel wipers


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I am looking for the source for new duel wiper are s and blade setups. this is for the 31 153 coupe. 

it has the pin and twist type hookup and a cross bar to drive the second wiper.

Are they the same as a ford A? or do we need something different? 

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The wipers and pin are the same as the Ford, but the cross bar rod is shorter on the Ford than the rod on the Franklin. Also I found that the threads where the rod screws onto the wiper is a little different. If you get the Ford units, which are very nice, all you need to do is make a longer bar rod. If you are adding this to a 153 that doesn't have it already, let me know and I'll send you the measurements of how far the pin should be from the original drivers wiper and the length of the the cross bar on my 153.




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Great   thank you. The car is already set up and has a set that is painted black and in very poor shape. I have new blades but the arms have seen better days. I may be able to find a way to make a new cross arm in the shop!!!

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I've used Autoparts Store small brake tubing to make the longer Series 153 arm connecting rods to use with the Ford dual wiper kits.  Cut the flared ends off to length. It's very close to the original OD and the right ID size to thread the ends for the wiper arm pivot screws. Then I had it chrome plated.



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