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1929 gemmer steering box

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I am from the Franklin club and have rebuilt many if not most of the gemmer steering boxes in the club.

 I have just found out that I can get the proper rebuild kit to do the 1929 21500 gemmer box also.  If there is enough interest I will order the kits as I need to buy in bulk.

Please let me know at odat@odatmachine.com


Thank you

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We have been rebuilding the 215 series boxes for fifteen years, and have made all the parts. We have done about 75 of them. We still have all the parts in stock except new worms, which we manufactured for Cord, Pierce, Stutz, and others. The cost of running another batch of worms at ten at a time was well over two grand each and that was five years ago. Currently we have good used core worms in stock for Pierce and Stutz. Prices vary on rebuild costs depending on condition and missing or modified parts. When finished, we install all modern seals in the box, and run ATF as a lubricant.......they seal that well. The factory in South America who has been asking to make kits for us won’t run them in batches of less the one hundred. Since there were only two machines on the planet that can make the worms, and one is no longer running, between the limited demand and high number of worms required to be ordered, I doubt the run will get done. Also, all the original bearings are no longer available, and the substitute replacements being offered a few years ago were not conducive to steering box applications. We made new worms in both right and left hand drive for the Pierce and Stutz, as well as a few Cords. On the Cords we changed the box ratio so it would steer easier. We would buy a few worms for inventory, but we wouldn’t be intrested in entire kits as we have plenty of inventory on the shelf for all the rest of the items. Our kits replaced the bushings with bearings, so the boxes end  up working much better than new. Getting the heat treating correct was very, very difficult.  Ed


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The parts are not sold over the counter, as they are not direct fit and require machine work to the box, worm, and shaft. Rebuilds cost anywhere from 1800 to 3500 dollars depending on condition, missing and damaged parts, and special made application parts. Time frame runs 4-6 months most of the time. Currently there are four or five in the rotation for finishing by May.

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I have one of these rebuilt steering gears (with the new worm) in my 1930 Stutz Speedster.  It was about 9 years ago after another shop really messed it up.  I drive a lot, and do some higher speed touring events too.  This rebuild was recommended to me by a friend who races a Stutz and I can tell you that it was one of the most noticeable improvements I have done to the car.  It feels rock solid and turns smooth.  I was amazed.   It has also never leaked a drop.

Carl Jensen 

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