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Questions on new (to us) 74 D200 pickup

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We just purchased a father son project: a running 392 V8 all wheel drive IH 200 Camper Special with 116k. Starts runs drives well.  Rides harshly like a 45 yr old 3/4 ton.  A bunch of ?s some are probably dumb but I know almost zero about IH trucks so any info is appreciated!

1. How to turn on interior lights?

2. What is supposed to be run by the "THROTTLE"?  The label is on the dash but there is no lever...

3. Wiper arms have just a flat end, should there be a hook or something?

4. What is procedure to engage/disengage AWD?

5. What axles came under this truck? There are 8 lugs, if that means anything.  I think the pinion seal needs replacing in the rear but fluid is good.

6. Needs windshield washer tank/pump, repair manual, owners manual, battery hold down top bracket ( all are missing). Sources?

7. Speedo and left side gauges work but don't illuminate..?

8. heater fan makes noise but can't feel air anywhere..

9. there is only a tank and filler on the RH side so doesn't hold much gas but there is a switch "AUX FUEL" for switching tanks, should there be a filler on the driver side as well? The cab has some rust repair in the kick panel areas (obvious new plates welded in), maybe somebody replaced the cab?  I doubt it but...

10. dash also has a "REAR WINDOW" label but just a typical sliding non powered rear window (is this a Travelall dash or ?).

11.  Somebody raised the bed 1.5" in the back and 2" everywhere else.  It looks like lowering the bed will have it hitting the shock towers...did IH have a different bed for 100 vs 200? Thinking a 100 bed was raised to work around different 200 upper shock mounts. Maybe just different spacers are needed but it looks like mounts are too wide on the bed compared to the frame in one spot....?

12. Shocks I think are shot...recommendations on taming the ride?  Springs and shocks recommendations?


Thanks for any/all info!

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Sounds like a great find. Really would help to know the year and pictures are always welcome here. 


Internationals are workhorses and built to last, They are not necessarily built for comfort, especially a 3/4 ton You may be able to improve the ride some with new shocks and suspension parts, and do not forget the tires. Do not expect it to ride like a Ford or Chevy.


The throttle cable went to the carb so you could pull it out for a faster idle speed, such as when using something powered off the pto that required more than the regular idle to operate.


Depending on the year the most common way to turn on interior lights is to rotate the light switch until it clicks.


Need info on year. Also serial number is necessary for many parts applications. International made improvements during the year at times, not always at the beginning of the model year. and pictures would be helpful.

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The reason we never bought lite duty IH is they road worse then the heavy duty ones in our well drilling business .


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It's a 1974.  Vin: E0370EHB13620.


Pics are problem areas...

This emblem is missing on one side of the truck...

missing some pinstripe on the sldriver side...

Two of the gauges don't illuminate at night...

I am a little afraid to test the AWD....

passenger armrest has issues....

tierod rubbed aftermarket wheel...I spaced the wheel out 1/8in...

Bed is wrong year and mounted too high...


We paid low for this and don't plan to put much money into it, just address the little stuff and use it...












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Good looking old IH. I had a travelall about the same age and loved it. Best of luck enjoying your ride. Keep us informed as you work on it. Try the 4wd gently and see what happens. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.


These people are a good source for some items and advice.

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