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1922 Roamer

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4 hours ago, wayne sheldon said:

I should have been born wealthy instead of, well, whatever I was born? THAT is a car I could really fall in love with!  I need to go out and work on my model T so I can go on tours again.

The Gilmore car museum has a 1921 Roamer with Rochester Duesenberg engine.   It has a great presence!  



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Roamer is available


cars to offered April or May

1910 Maytag old restoration

1934 Cadillac convertible solid metal weak wood

1934 Cadillac close coupled 4 door sedan very solid car 

1949 Buick Riviera Very solid car chrome work all done 

1953 Chevrolet 30,000 miles 2 door powerglide ready to ride

1952 Chevrolet Bel Aire solid car ready to ride


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