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Mssr. Bwatoe

1940 Lincoln V-12

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Is the limo with the 39 Merc tail lights at the Edsel Ford museum? My foggy memory seems to remember that Eleanor Ford had a pre-WWII limo updated after the war with a new front clip and some other custom changes and it had 39 Merc tail lights. The instrument panel is different from other 42-48 Lincolns.

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This is one

of the hand built - special ordered- home office- direct from Edsel Ford's desk kind of special cars...built for family in a time when 

the elite wore high hats and participated in very formal events "On the Town" . The kind of arrival expected  for red-carpet events...

The car was built for Edsel's bro in-law Ernst Kanzler, then made its way into the defense department fleet in the war years.  (defense dpt Robert Lovett)

The other special thing about this car is the fact that it went back to the factory for a front end facelift, (similar to the Sunshine Special)

used by presidents...The car holds a very special footnote in history, whether you think it to be a thing of beauty or merely a curiosity,

as H-V-12 fans, ya gotta appreciate what a neat thing it is---sliding glass partition,sliding soft top over Chauffeur, optional trunk model --

etc--mostly original, obviously maintained over its's twin was driven by Mrs. Ford....



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