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M/T 2019 Elantra GT N-Line Question


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Love the car otherwise but may be a strange question...

I have owned 2 other manual cars before this and haven’t encountered this. If I roll backwards while the clutch is in and try to shift into reverse while still in motion, I hear the transmission grind. My driveway is on a hill, so I can usually just disengage the e-brake and roll back enough to clear the driveway. In my other cars, if I didn’t have the momentum to clear the driveway, I would just shift into reverse while still in motion and wouldn’t have a problem.online spanish tutor

What makes it strange is that I can shift into 1st no problem while rolling backwards, I only encounter the grind in reverse.

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Reverse gears almost never have synchros so you will grind the gears a little if you try and shift into reverse while the vehicle is moving.

All modern cars have gearboxes with synchronized forward gears so there is almost no chance of grinding going into a forward gear.

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