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For Sale 1929/30 Marmon Wire Wheels, nice


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Set of 4 very nice Marmon wire wheels, I think for '29/30 Roosevelt perhaps, 19" 5 x 5.5 bolt pattern, I had them sandblasted and powder-coated black with powdercoat chrome on rings. Also have 3 original Marmon hubcaps (fit 6.5" hubcap hole) which came with them. I've shown one with a '32 Chrysler CP hubcap that also fits as do mid 30's Auburns. These had been in long term storage for perhaps 50 years or more. Have $800 Canadian (US$600) invested in them, was planning to use on my Chrysler CD8 Roadster project, but since found a good set of 18" Chrysler wires. If interested, send me a PM.  



IMG_5047 (1).JPG

IMG_5048 (1).JPG

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