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I'm taking apart the steering box on my 1932 Dodge Brothers DL.  I have the housing and pinion shaft removed and there is plenty of lubrication inside and everything appears to be okay - although I won't know until I get things cleaned off.  My question is about putting it back together once it's cleaned and painted.  Do I have to mark the positions of the shafts (pinion shaft and steering shaft)?  Or will it pretty much fall into place when I start to reassemble things?  I'm at the point where I can identify the rotation of each shaft, but don't want to go any further until I can make sure this is necessary (or not).

thanks for any advice and guidance.

I'll post some pictures when I'm further along in my main thread.

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If you want the steering wheel to be nice, either one spoke up or a nice Y shape, you need to pay attention to where the keyway is in the shaft and steering wheel, then  set the shaft and worm up accordingly. The sector would then just be central. There is a little bit of "adjustment" when you put the steering arm=Pitman arm on to get the front wheels straight ahead and the steering wheel central in your chosen orientation. Of course, with the adjustment you lose steering travel in one direction and gain it in the other.


So if it is spot on before disassembly, mark it!


I don't know the factory-new orientation of the steering wheel.

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I set my '31 CG up with one spoke at twelve o'clock, based on advise from an old forum post.

Don't know how they came off the assembly line.


Mike in Colorado

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