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1927 OHV Eight Rebuild

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I purchased the 1927 Stutz Blackhawk Special (OHV Eight) at Bonham’s Tupelo Auction and as a museum piece for 40 some years it needs mechanical refurbishment including engine rebuild.

I would appreciate any advice including who to trust with a rebuild, potential problem areas, what pistons to use and what compression ratio to aim for, camshaft profiles, what connecting rods, conversion to shell bearings, valves etc., etc. - the whole gambit!


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Step 1:  Join the Stutz Club


Step 2:  Look up George Holman in the member's directory.


Step 3:  Call George and order a high speed rear end,  also tell him you are rebuilding your engine and ask him what he has for parts and advice.  There are lots of racing mods that George has perfected.


Step 4:  Find a set of Super Eight Packard Rods circa 1940 to replace the aluma-junk ones in your car.   Have George give you the part number.


Step 5:  Call John Cislak at 413-543-9017 and tell him to finish my motor,  then ask him for advice and parts.






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George also sells sets of rods and pistons that do not require the extensive regrinding of the rod journals that need to be done with the Packard rods.  If you decide on the Packard rods I know that Max Merritt had a set available earlier this year.


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This is George's latest setup for dealing with the Timing chain tensioner issue.   He didn't have the rods and pistons back when I needed mine.  My engine start to finish is probably going to be about 30k to do the rebuild.   That was no corners cut,  but a lot of the money was spent over 10 years ago.   Maybe it is more now.


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DpSmith   I have ss engine valves for sale. I have build 2 motor  A 1929 Blackhawk  with 356 Packard  rod with std brg turned shaft down and stroked if to 4.6  Had pistons made 7.5 com. and its running 10 yr. The other 1930 m 356 rod bored and babbitted to the 2.375 shaft  and 7.5 pistons and cam grind . The motor was put on georges dymo with a  super charger. Its now installed in my chassic. you can call me stutzl6  john grunder 8608060448.  I did not own the super charger

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1 hour ago, alsancle said:

John, was this your engine?    The blower is from the Lancefield.  


I put a page together many moons ago on Stutz blowers as I was lucky enough to be the owner of one.  It is in the process of being put on the Indy car which was original supercharged....

Nope! It was John's engine and my (your-ex) blower. 


George & Co. did a good job, everything ran beautifully.


I really enjoyed your web pages on superchargers - and learned a lot. Thanks!

An interesting side note: George ended up making a CV coupling between the motor and blower because the crank must be perfectly centred for the two units to work. It does a great job of getting around age, re-Babbitting and chassis flex. Here it is whirring around.





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