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Check Willys-Knight topic for Willys 8-80 Continental-engine models

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Just to give a heads up, I posted questions about the 1930-'33 Willys 8-80 et al models that were powered by the Continental 14W L-Head straight eights.  If you can enlighten us about the details of those obscure cars, it will be appreciated.



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Where I store my cars there is a 30 model Willys Knight with the 8. I think it has 24,000 miles on it. An amazing original example of a fine automobile. He called me up one day and asked me to help him with the engine. Not having worked on a model of this stature it was a treat. It would run but had no power. After some research the original distributor had two sets of points. My experience with two points has been in cars where the use of them was to extend the spark to burn more fuel thus reducing emissions. The use on this example was that one bank of 4 cylinders was fired with one set of points while the other bank of four cylinders was fired by the other point set. Took a little sleuthing but I was finally able to find the problem in a grounded out set of points. A little tinkering and the car ran perfectly again. Unfortunately when it came time for his memorial I could not get that thing running again even though I spent about 2 weeks on it. I kept thinking about the old song "My grandfathers clock" Art

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