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1969 Electra on local CL

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Not mine, just sharing in case someone finds this interesting.





1969 Buick Electra 225 4 door hard top. One owner 13048 original miles always garage kept. Car is like new ever were. Previous owners family said the car has never seen rain. Bought new in Manassas, VA at the Buick dealer ship April 30 1969. All paper work when new is in the glove box. Car must be seen in person pictures does not do it justice. It's like driving a new car runs out great. Perfect for Sunday cruising and local car shows. It's sure to be a hit at car shows in the original class. $16500. Call for more details. 540-672-7907.


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7 hours ago, wildcatsrule said:

Nice car-but what's up with the 455 decal on the air cleaner lid? '69 was still the 430 engine.


License plates     A 455 455


In a 13,048 original mile car?


Jim Vesely

ROA # 7437

BCA # 39477

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Today, this is actually a scarce model, being a

4-door hardtop.  Production numbers don't tell the

entire story.  Electra convertibles from 1969 and 1970,

for some reason, are quite common, and are seen

in nice condition far more often than 4-door hardtops.


I hope this example finds a caring BCA home.

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6 hours ago, Pete Phillips said:

Wouldn't the 430 decal have been on the valve covers, or am I wrong about that?


Yes those should be present. '69 was the first year for the air cleaner decal, should be 430-especially on a supposed low mileage original.

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On 8/30/2019 at 10:34 AM, Y-JobFan said:

Plus it's a Limited



Actually, this is not a 1969 Limited interior.  I believe this to be an Electra 225 Custom without the Limited option.


The Limited nameplate appears to have been added to the roof sail panel.


The wheel covers are from a much newer Buick, and that's regrettable.  The original 1969 Electra 225 wheel covers were a beautiful design.


Gorgeous car, but too many things have been messed with.

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 I agree with the rest of you folks, plus the license plate says 455 on it. So it looks like someone was proud that it wasn't a 430, but a 455. Things don't add up for it to be an original 13,000 mile car. Could be wrong, someone should call the dealer and ask.


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Got this reply from the seller



Hello Sir,  I am hoping someone can help me with what is going on with this car. I bought it from the original owners daughter. Her father bought it new April 30 1969 local. I was told he special ordered it. The vin on the engine matches the vin on the car original engine for sure. What I  found most interesting about it is the 1970 amber marker light on both front fenders 1970 light only. Car has the clear marker light near the top as all 1969 225 have. 1970 amber light below it. Never seen before and all lights work as they should. Also has the clear marker light in the bottom of the fender as some 69 and 70 have. The father died last year and the family can not answer my questions. Google 69 225 and see if you can fine one with all 3 lights in both front fenders. I can not. It's a early 69 again sold new April 30 1969 with all paper work. Car is new condition every were. What every it may be pro o type or not. Well worth the money when seen in person. Feel free to call me 540-672-7907 with any other questions or let me know if you can explain this car. The father loved this car and did everything he could to keep it like new. I wish I knew what he knew about it. When i seen it I had to have it. It's that nice. 

Thank you,
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On 8/30/2019 at 4:57 PM, wildcatsrule said:

Yes those should be present. '69 was the first year for the air cleaner decal, should be 430-especially on a supposed low mileage original


I have seen numerous '69's without the decal, or any evidence there ever was a decal,  on the valve covers. 

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