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1955 Chevrolet


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I am trying to find a certain 1955 Chevy station wagon for a friend.  I have the serial number.  Somebody please tell me where I could begin a search.  It's a shot in the dark I know.  I know the color, model, etc. and know that it was restored several years ago.  The restorer has no idea where the car is.  Any help would be appreciated.  THANKS VERY MUCH!!!    Coalter Paxton, Wilson, NC

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Here's one possibility:

For cars shown at AACA national meets, the AACA

keeps records of the cars' serial numbers--at least

in recent years they do.  You could call the national

office and see whether this particular Chevrolet has

its serial number recorded from a past showing.


If so, the office might be willing to give you the

name and address (but probably not the phone number)

of the person who showed the car.

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