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Hershey delivery is possible 


I have three (3) "GUIDE" correct GM Accessory units for 1934/1935 - era Other mid-1930s,

one has a "PASSING" lens with bulb and an excellent "GUIDE" center,

one has a "DRIVING" lens with bulb and an excellent "GUIDE" center ,

The 3rd one is missing the lens but has a very nice reflector,

the other two (above) have clouded reflectors.

I also have a pair of new flat glass lenses which were cut to fit these units as spares.

All are used and show wear, and one has very repairable dents


Just took these pics with cellphone, so may not be best quality.

Each group of 3 pics is one unit:

First three - IMG_1318, 1319, 1320 - GUIDE DRIVING LAMP" is moulded into lens - clouded reflector

Images 4th thru 6th - IMG_1321, 1322, 1323 - GUIDE PASSING LAMP" is moulded into lens - clouded reflector - 3 very repairable dents

Last three - IMG_1324, 1325, 1326 Lens missing and bulb broken, but very good reflector


I think $500 plus shipping is reasonable for the 3 units and the 2 flat glasses, but open to reasonable offers.

These units with the original Guide lenses were bought many years ago as backup to the perfect units which were on my (former) AACA Senior Grand National 1934 Buick, and I had substantially more than the $500 invested in them.


Of course I'm open to a reasonable offer.










IMG_1324 (1).jpg

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