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So, in the past 2 years I've gone to our only 3 local car show here both years. Our population is 100,000 and I'd guess around 200-300 cars show up. 

I just go to show the car and engine to the spectators and get a kick out the purists that really appreciate it. I also meet new friends and get information which is also a blast. I often sit by myself by my car or walk around admiring the rest. 

I received an email yesterday that I had won something and it was ready to be picked up. I thought, I might as well go get my $50 gift certificate to some restaurant or something. I hadn't entered the second day as it ended up raining the entire day. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see what it was. 

There are so many other beautiful vehicles at these shows and the main purpose of going was not expecting to win anything, but to enjoy the whole experience. 

I don't have a whole lotta folks to share this with and I know many of you have won many awards over the years.....this is just my first. 

Kinda makes it all worth while.....




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Haha thanks John....that's what most people there said. They loved the originality of the car and so do I.

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Congratulations.  The only time I was in your City it was called Fort William and they still had streetcars, that was in 1947 with my Grandparents in their (now my) Pontiac.

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