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Looking for a 1940 Buick 8 special steering wheel

Starting the dream

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Are you looking for a '40 or a '41? They're different.


They are plentiful, but nice ones are expensive--maybe $900-1100. Cores are cheap, but they need $900-1100 to be nice again. They show up on eBay quite often. Unfortunately, the original plastic just didn't weather the years very well. Exposure to the sun and ozone accelerates the deterioration but I have an NOS wheel that's still wrapped in wax paper in a box and even it is a bit chalky. If you want a nice one, a restored wheel is the only way to go.


I had the wheel in my '41 Limited restored shortly after I bought the car and I'm very satisfied. It was expensive, but the steering wheel is your primary interface with the car and it should be a pleasant experience. It makes a real difference.



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