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Lock Ring keepers wanted...for raised pins

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I have a set of 19 inch lock rings that have the raised pins to fasten together with a "keeper".  I'm in need of 6 keepers, and understand someone in the Studebaker world reproduced them.


Who might that be?  Or does someone have a set to sell?  thanks David C. (and yes, I know that's not a Studebaker in the picture!!)

lock ring.jpg

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Thanks, I don't have any part number.  I have made contact with someone who reproduced them, waiting to hear back if they have 6 left.  Also, one kind person is sending me one that he had laying around, so at least I have a pattern.


Thanks for the input...dc

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I was able to acquire one through the goodness of a fellow enthusiast, and had a chance to buy 5 new ones.


sounds good, but they were all the wrong kind.


I'll draw a picture, basically it's a piece of steel about two inches long, with a curved, concave profile as viewed from either end, and a drilled hole at each end about a quarter inch in from the ends.

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9 hours ago, rbk said:

Your reference to a 1931 model 43 must. be Pierce Arrow.

Studebaker shared a lot of parts with Pierce.

  1. I looked thru my parts an d could not find any.




Yes, Pierce was owned by Studebaker at the time and shared several parts with the President series, David is asking for his Pierce with the hope that this is one of those parts.

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