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ISO 1940-52 Buick Century Starter

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I looked thru my parts and don't have 1107908.I do have 1107953. There are some listings that say they are interchangeable. The difference is the 1107908 is a high torque and the 1107953 is a  low torque. I would not interchange them without replacing the field coils with high torque. The mounting housings are different internally the position of the starter casing bolts are different making them noninterchangeable between units. There are 3 reasons a starter mounting housing breaks. Engine backfires during cranking, starter operated while engine is running and a bent armature shaft.



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4 hours ago, Dave39MD said:

It looks like you are looking for DE housing part number 1860492. I don't have one but you might search e bay. It has been NLA from Delco for at least 40 years.



It's been a while since I've checked on EBay, so I'll give it another try.

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1 hour ago, Rod Frazier said:

Actually, no, but I think the starter has never been rewound.  It has worked fine for many years.


 OK, what I ended up doing was installing a "mini' starter from Tom Telesco in MA.  I believe Bobs Automobilia sells then as well. I have never been sorry.  I first installed it on the 248 in my '50 Special.  I replaced the 248 with a warmed up 9.5 to 1 CR. It works real well on it as well. Never been sorry.



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