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Rockne salesman's data book


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Making an inventory of Rockne literature and memorabilia and came across this forgotten binder. It is for a '33 model 10 (nearly the same as '32 "65"). 

It has 94 pages with six tabbed sections, measures 4 X 6 5/8”. Sections include: Introduction, General Sales Information, Mechanical Specifications, Body Specifications, Rockne Competition and Selling Rockne. Also Delivered Prices, Accessories and Accessory Groups and Finance plans.


Curious as to whether anyone has ever seen a similar book for the '32 models? 







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Mr. Quinn:  I’m a newbie, trying to decipher fabric #4743 on the build sheet for my 1940 Commander Cruising Sedan.  Do you have any literature that might have the answer? I hope to restore using correct fabric material and correct color.  The car came in Riviera Blue and Gray two tone exterior.  

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