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SOLD - 1956 Pontiac Station Wagon

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Listing our 1956 Pontiac Chieftain 4-Door Station Wagon for sale.


Purchased in Spring of 2013 from a dealer in Chicago who acquired it from an estate in Florida.  It is an older restoration which shows well but it is not perfect and we drive it often except over the winter.  The color combo is black over red which is a correct color combination but not the original color of gray over black.  Interior seats are black & white vinyl with a white dash and headliner.  Carpet is black.  The car has radial whitewall tires including the spare and we added a Vintage Air Mark IV under the center dash so it looks like an appropriate add-on and keeps things cool on those hot & humid summer days.  Car runs well, starts right up and will take you wherever you need to go.


When was the last time you saw a Pontiac 4-Door wagon especially in this color combo?  We gets lots of attention anywhere we go, it was a hit in 2016 when we did part of Route 66.  I can take additional pictures for those who are interested. 


Sadly we need to part ways with the car due to career changes occurring in our lives.


The car is located in Coralville, Iowa and the price is $33,000.



1956 Chieftain and WI Texaco station.JPG

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Now that I think about it,

Dad had a 1951 Pontiac Tin-Woodie Station Wagon, flathead "6" and hydra-matic with the full-width 3rd seat and a narrower middle-row seat to allow rear access to the back back.

The short middle seat could be removed and the full-width seat moved to the middle row for 6 passengers and more room in the "back back" as the kids called it.

It had two tail light housings where the comparable Chevy only had a single, as I recall. At the same time, I had my 1949 red Pontiac convertible, Straight 8 and 3-on-the-tree.


Years later, raising my family, when our second child was born,

a dear and now late friend, Bruce Woodson introduced me to RIchmond (VA) AACA and sold (GAVE) me a 1966 Pontiac Catalina Station Wagon for $1. It was getting water into the oil and his gas station/repair shop couldn't find the issue. I replaced the waterpump and front engine housing since the very loose timing chain had worn awqay the metal at the top which was also the rear portion of the waterpump area - problem solved.


Later we had a 1968 Chrysler Town & Country wagon and drove it from Richmond, VA to visit in-laws in New Orleans with both kids and room for a playpen. While there, we sold the Chrysler and bought an extremely low mileage 1971 Citroen D-21 Safari (station wagon), having already owned two other 1967 Citroen DS-21s, a manual and a DS-21Pallas Citromatic. We later aquired another almost identical '

1971 Citroen wagon, manufactured one week later than our first, but with significant factory upgrades such as A/C intake through slots in the front bumper and A/C condensers exhausting their heated air into the wheelwells so as to not add heat to the radiator. A 1966 Citroen Safari also joined our stable for a time, but was passed on to an enthusiats in Mississippi. The two 1971 Citroens eventually went to a gentleman very active on this FORUM.


Wow ! Six wagons I hadn't thought about in a while,

and wife's family once had a Ford Country Squire(?) wagon to haul weekend and Fishing stuff back and forth between New Orleans and Grand Isle, Louisiana.



More recent replacements to the succession of station wagons include four (4) Chevy Suburbans and a Ford Excursion.

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2 minutes ago, Joe in Canada said:

Seeing it is sold I guess I can open this topic. How popular is the 1958 Chevy Nomad today with wagons being popular as you do not see them around. 

The tin worms feeding on road salt and the typical hard life a wagon killed most of the 1958s in my section of PA.

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