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My Riv has a friend


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Hello Gents, it's Rich here in sweltering Tampa.  I was up in Columbus for a couple of months working over the summer, and now I'm back in FL, resuming work on the '63 Teal Mist.  One sidetrack that occurred up in Ohio is that I "rescued" another car, a '67 Chrysler Newport Custom.   I'd seen the car last year on the street, but didn't think to inquire about it.  Then, this year, I saw it again, so I ended up putting a note on the car, and ultimately bought the car for just $1250.  I then proceeded to recommission the old Mopar in much the same way as I did the Riviera...lots of new engine bolt-on parts, new brakes and tires etc. etc.    So here are a couple of  photos of the old barge.  I like big boats and I cannot lie!



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