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Need Exhaust clamp measurements '30's mopar

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Would the clamp on a 1930 Chrysler be the same? I'll measure mine this weekend for you, looks the same.  Car is in the shop getting touched up for a concours show. Someone looked in the rumble seat at  the last show and their belt buckle did a number on my fender.

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  Sorry to hear about your car . I,ve seen it  much to often . You love to show and had when thy look to enthusiastically .

  I private messaged  my email  to you .

  Need stock size of both hanger and clamp , thinking about 1" x 1/8" flat . And any measurement . The pic I have is not available anymore .

    THANKS   Tom  

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On 8/25/2019 at 2:18 PM, ArticiferTom said:

Any one have this type tailpipe clamp .


My Dodge 8 has a clamp in the same place, but directly below that mounting the exhaust is horizontal. The clamp is just on the straight after hump over the rear axle.


The hanger consists of about  120 mm = about 4.75" of webbing or fibre-reinforced "rubber" about 36 mm = about 1.25" wide then a piece of metal strap down to the right level ( 180 mm x 20 mm = 7" x 0.75" x 1/8") with an L on the bottom. The "U" clamp on the pipe goes on that L. The pipe passes about 1/2" below the fuel tank.



I suppose this lot was made up last time the exhaust was replaced. The clamp is from the '60s and later?

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 Thanks Tim , I look at is different than what I believed was on my truck . It being a Graham build Dodge . It has some same design characteristics with the clamp through .

  Also Thanks to you Graham , Yes anything with those type clamps I think would be later . that's trouble with exhaust being changed over the years and hangers being mostly replaced with what ever universal stuff the garage had .

  I will probable wing it with what I can estimate . then hope I can bend a pipe close to it .

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