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1988 #1720 Red/Grey $3995 87,000 miles

B Jake Moran

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This is interesting.  #1720 with original grey suede bolster seats.  I did not know they still made Reattas with suede bolsters that late in production.    This is a nice $1500 car.






#1720 is NOT in Barney's database, so this is a new find he can add to the database, previously not known.


From the ad  -->


1988 Buick Reatta Coupe - $3,995

Year: 1988
Stock #:901720
Vehicle Type:Coupe
Drive Train:FWD
Engine:3.8L V6 OHV 12V

Absolutely pristine very rare vehicle. It has been owned by a collector since it was one year old and perfectly maintained and garage kept. It is like brand new inside and out. Be a great back to school car if you want something different, rare, and nice. Bank financing and warranty are available. Call or text Robert at 479-561-1452

Vehicle Options

  • Air Conditioning
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Power Windows

Community Auto Mart
3112 N Thompson St



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We do not know when they ran out of suede seats......must rely on information from owners that sent info to database.

Looking at the database the latest documented in each color is.......

1848 Tan (note that standard seats and 16 way stock would run out at different times)

1949  Blue

1777  Grey

2404  red ---see note below

2645  Tan --- Tan and Red were the highest usage colors so the 2404 red and 2645 tan may be seats salvaged from an earlier car...or the owner did not know the difference between the suede and later seats.

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It's mine now,  far from being a $1500 car.   Pretty much as described , interior is perfect, and one area at the chin spoiler has a bit of paint chipping .  It has a bit of a rough (hot) idle which I'm trying to nail down the root cause.   NADA lists these around the $6000 high mark retail, so this one is down where it needs to be for a small-ish dealership.  This one was sold on consignment at the dealership, and the story seems to check out as far as it being a well kept vehicle from everything I can tell wear and tear wise.  It's just a damn fine ride, and I'm probably going to have a power sunroof installed and enjoy the hell out of it.  

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You got a suede seat car don’t put a sunroof in it. Like said above it’s really late in the production of 88s for this to be a suede seat car. Keep it as original as possible. There will always be another reatta for sale with a sunroof. 

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Yep, I'm torn on the sunroof - the headliner (along with just about everything else) looks like it just rolled off the assembly line so I hate to cut in to it really.  Apparently the previous owner kept it in climate controlled storage - I wish I had the option to do that but I'm getting a good cover for it.    Guess I didn't realize the rarity of the suede seats, which makes me even  more happy I got 'Rey'.  

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