Steering wheel Column and Gearboxes for Hershey

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I have a rough list of Used Steering column Gear boxes some with steering wheels some without, If you see any you would be Interested in Send me a PM and ask me about and I can load and bring to Hershey and give details, I am not shipping these, they are a pain in the butt and costs have got to high for Irregular boxes plus weight.These are marked asking Prices.


 1) 1931 Willys 6-97 Steering Wheel horn button and column Gearbox 125.00

 2) 1934 Oldsmobile 8 Column gearbox 150.00

 3) 1935 Dodge Column gearbox 150.00

 4) 1937 Oldsmobile Steering Wheel and column gearbox 200.00

 5) 1937 Oldsmobile just column gearbox 125.00

 6) 1937 Pontiac Steering Wheel and Column gearbox Nice 250.00

 7) 1937 Plymouth Steering gearbox #657210 fits 37 desoto 37-38 Dodge 140.00

 8  1938 Plymouth Steering wheel and Gearbox 150.00

 9) 1939 Dodge just column gearbox 125.00

10) 1939-1940 chevrolet nice steering wheel car or truck I do not know with gearbox has black horn button with chrome ring

11) 1940 Oldsmobile column gearbox 100.00

12) 1940 Chevrolet Column w/shifter gearbox 100.00

13) 1941 Chevrolet Steering wheel,shifter column gearbox,both chrome trim rings on wheel Fits 1941-1948 #265759 150.00 Firm


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The 37 Olds steering wheel, is it the delux one.?  Thanks Gary

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You are asking about the one with steering wheel ? I can take a picture tommorrow if you like or you can send me a pic of what the deluxe is

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If you see any your interested in, please pm me and I will bring with me, otherwise its staying, again no shipping.  Only Hershey Requests


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