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Generator Help 1941 V12

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 After 30+ years of use I have decided to replace my  "industrial-sized" generator with the correct one, as it is getting a little noisy.

After mounting the new one  , it is not charging.  I took it in and had it bench tested - all OK.  Is it a problem with the regulator?

And YES , I did polarize it upon installation (both times)



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Posted (edited)

I would pull cover off regulator, look or just replace it---- you might try polarize reg as well..

no disrespect, but double chk wires gen and reg, may have been altered for h/d gen.chk continuity .

The regulator is a cutout, to prevent

battery drain, but also voltage control which happens from performance of 3 sets of breaker points, which 

very well may be burnt pitted worn out-  I'm a touch kind of shade tree fixer,

I would try operating reg with lid off, meter

hooked and see when i close contacts what happens..., I want to see 7 volts 7.5 or so...

remember its not charging much at idle...There is a procedure to "full field"

the generator on the car by connecting a wire...I always review that stuff in times like these!!

google it.


IMG_4193 (2).JPG

IMG_2454 (2).JPG

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Thanks Jeff ; I will try that.  I just seems odd that the old  generator worked fine , but the correct one does not.

And - by the way our 41 was at the 50th meet with LOTS of blankets on the upholstery , you could put your finger

through the cloth fabric because it was so worn. NO more all day shows in the sun .

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