Chrysler running gear identification

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I recently just picked up this running gear. I have wanted to build a Speedster for some time and this frame and wheels was just too good to pass up whether I use it for that purpose or not. When looking at it I think it's a Chrysler frame. I'm not sure because I read that the Chryslers all had hydraulic brakes. And this one most certainly does not . It has a tag on it that is 70B114 23. Would this be a 70 series frame? Can a person tell what body was on it from that? 



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23 minutes ago, 61polara said:


We might have a winner here from looking at pictures of 70B sedans. Serial number would correlate as well.

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Some Chrysler 4 cylinder cars had mechanical brakes only on the rear axle, but this is NOT a 4 cyl Chrysler frame. The 6 Cyl Chryslers as far as I know, ALL had 4 wheel hydraulic brakes. 

 Pretty sure this is not a chrysler frame and that it is most probably Willys Knight from about 1930/2

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