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DB starter generator bearings

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The starter generator requires a two piece angular bearing at one end to be able to withstand both the axial load and the radial load when combining the starter action and the generator action.



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Businesscar1917,  The early N/E model G had a smaller diameter rear bearing shaft on the armature and used a 6301 bearing that is rare to find . You mention N/E model G1 so most likely uses a E-16 "Magneto Bearing" which is an angular displacement bearing that requires spring shim spacers under that rear cover to maintain bearing load. These are also nearly impossible to locate. I use a 6205 -2RS bearing in the drive end.

      While you have the unit disassembled before any other work check the brushes and insert paper shims under the brushes to elimitate contact with the commutator then do a continuity check from case (ground)  to the commutator for possible short. With the brushes insolated there should be NO continuity from ground to the commutator. Good Luck and I hope this helps.

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