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how do you adjust emergency brake 49 chrysler


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You have the external contracting hand brake. From Chrysler repair manual -

Set hand lever in fully released position

Remove wire lock from anchor screw head and adjust screw so drum and band have .015 - .020 clearance

Lock the anchor adjusting screw by wiring screw to anchor securely

Loosen lock nut and turn guide bolt adjusting nut until the band and drum have .015 - .020 clearance

Lock the guide bolt in place with the lock nut

Turn the large adjusting bolt nut until the clearance at the upper part of the band is .015 -.020

CAUTION the groove in the bottom of the adjusting bolt nut must line up with the ridge on the lockwasher when proper setting is obtained.

Lubricate all friction surfaces of the brake control linkage and anchor bolts with engine oil

Free play between the side of the anchor bracket on the center of the band and the anchor must not be more than .005, otherwise band distortion may result upon brake application. Excessive free play may be reduced by compressing saddle in a vice or tapping with a hammer against a block or anvil.


Brake cable adjustment

Loosen lock nut

Remove clevis pin from yoke

Turn yoke to proper adjustment.

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