Complete 1990 Reatta Portfolio

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I was dusting off some boxes and found (I think) two complete 1990 zippered portfolios (pen, flashlight, tire pressure gauge and lots of documentations including a letter to the buyer). Both have 95% the same items. But one has a full color apparel order form from Buick and the plastic/leather key holder, the other does not (and its missing the pen). One also has a letter written to the buyer from Buick and the other does not. I had read that through the 1990 MY, in mid-cycle the portfolios differed. Has anyone composed a list of exactly which items came inside a portfolio?   I did a forum search going back to 2010 and couldn't find a posting that had an itemized list.  Thanks.

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My 91 has a pen, flashlight, pressure gauge, plastic key, dealers business cards, road map and atlas, card to get the engraved plate, note pad, and the sign off sheet. I believe this is correct for everything that should be in there. All the other paperwork I have like warranty info was in a separate bag. 




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I am not sure we know what is "complete"   some of the loose items may have been added as needed.

Example....the 1990 models came out with a package similar to the 1988 - 89 glove box items.

Early in the 1990 model build they upgraded to the owners portfolio with the pen, light, and tire gage.  The owners manual and some other items may have been with it.

It was sealed in a bag and put in the trunk.   The dealers that received early cars with the first level package were sent the new portfolio so that could be put with cars in stock or given to new owners

that did not get the portfolio.     Also the "craftsmen log" that the various stations signed was not part of the early package and it was not sealed in the bag with the portfolio....it was placed in the car

with the attached (red) note to the dealer prep people.  


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