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What do you do when you don"t have old bows

jan arnett (2)

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When I got my 1923 Moon touring car the bows were busted and full of powder post beetles.   My problem was how to find the correct radius of the bows and determine the end length.  I was in the process of making hoops to hold bird netting for my tomato and I was using 1/2 inch PVC for hoops.  I used a heat gun to make the radius in the hoops and transferred that approach to making bows.  I made up four bows out of PVC to simulate the bows using a heat gun to bend the radius.  I then used these to simulate my top bows.  I could adjust the bow length by cutting the PVC.  It only took several cuts to get the dimensions I needed.  Total cost $12 and I didn't have to touch the real bows until I got it right.

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Looking good, that's a great project.  One small note, before making top make sure body has had all alignments adjusted and is bolted securely to the frame.  


I see you have clamps on the irons toward the front.  The tension between the rear bow and the second from rear bow, when straps and pads are installed, should make that section of the irons "lock" in place.  I frequently see the irons sagging below the level of the side of the top on some cars, and that's the reason, the "pull" or tension toward the back of the car has been lost, or was never there in the first place.


Great project...dc

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