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Thinking of going to check out a low mileage 95 Riviera from a local Craigslist post. The post notes that the ABS light is on and just needs a “sensor”.


I am assuming this is a wheel speed sensor. Any experience replacing these? Does the hub have to be replaced as well?


I have access to a scanner that should read any ABS codes as well and would give me a better idea what the issue is when I get there. Trying to get an idea how much to take off on price to deal with this issue.



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Not sure about the 1995, but the 1997 required the replacement of the entire hub because it is a sealed unit.  It wasn’t cheap to replace and is a common issue with the last generation Riviera.  You are looking at around $300 or more but it has been a number of years since I had to do this.

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I think that more often than not, the sensor is the "canary in a coal mine" for a failing hub bearing...  The sensor itself is simply a coil of wire with no moving parts, so it is inherently reliable.

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