Carter carburetor parts cabinets

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Selling Carter metal carburetor parts cabinets from the 1930's. ALL CABINETS ARE EMPTY!


These cabinets are almost 100 years old, so there is some rust, some dirt, possibly some oil stains, and some have some minor dings. In other words, they are not new!


These were available as a large cabinet (24 inches wide, by 12 inches deep), and a small cabinet (16 inches wide, 12 inches deep) SEE PICTURES BELOW.

A basic cabinet was offered, and then additional drawers could be added. The drawers interlock, so the cabinet could be built higher as needed.


In general, the large cabinets would be acquired by carburetor rebuilding shops, or Carter distributors; with the smaller cabinets being acquired by car dealers, garages, etc.




A large base, with 1 tall drawer and 4 short drawers - $150. 

Additional tall drawers - $30.

Additional short drawers - $20.


A small tall drawer and 3 short drawers assembly - $60.

Additional short drawers - $15.


Have only a few of the large (24 inch cabinets).

Have a truck load of the smaller cabinets.


Don't really want to ship these things. Would prefer you visit the world headquarters of The Carburetor Shop in Eldon, Missouri (see Jefferson City for closest city of any size).


Large cabinet


Small cabinet


Payment: will reluctantly accept paypal, but prefer VISA/MasterCard (less costly)




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Don't suppose you'll be bringing these to Hershey. Bet you could sell the truck load of which you speak. If so put my name on one each of the large and small and a couple more drawers.

Could you post some pictures of the actual cabinets.

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Lamar - thank you for the interest.


No, I will not be bringing them to Hershey. The Hershey trip was long 30 years ago when I was a young whippersnapper and set up as a vendor. I have no desire to fight it now.


As requested, I as posting pictures. 


Pictures 1 and 2 are of the stack of these cabinets. I am not going to get them out until I have sales. This stack is approximately 12 feet tall. You can gauge this by the stairsteps and second story in my shop.


Picture 3 is a small cabinet with 1 large drawer and 2 small drawers.


Picture 4 is the inside of one of the small drawer of the same cabinet.


Picture 5 is the inside of large drawer of the same cabinet.


Picture 6 is again of the small cabinet, showing how additional drawers and cases lock together for stacking.


Picture 7 shows two of the large cabinets that I am using and will not be selling at this time. These are stacked about 8 feet tall. One is in original condition, the other I refinished.


Sharp-eyed viewers will notice an original Stromberg cabinet on the top of the stack in picture 2, and a Marvel drawer that is a part of a Standard Hygrade carbinet to the upper right in picture 2. I have more cabinets other than just the Carter that I will be selling; but I have many more of the Carter than anything else.




Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


Picture 5


Picture 6


Picture 7



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