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Would this photo be early 1920’s?


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Late teen's early 20's. Car facing camera might be a 1915 mid size Buick. They had a largish, light colored, square name badge like this car has.  Also cowl and windshield look about right for a 1915 Buick.  All the others look to be no newer than around 1922.


Greg in Canada


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I see a variety of elements that suggest car in OP is not like Buick shown (rad surround shape, window proportions, ) But I did enlarge photo significantly and I believe can see thru the window of furniture store on near right a calendar on the back wall open to October 1921. Not sure of which day, but betting it is not a Sunday! 

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12 minutes ago, Mikefit said:

VL2.  Love the picture isn't it a shame nobody put a date on the back side.  By the way how is your dad doing.  Keeping him my prayers.    Mike

I think we have pretty well pinned  the timeframes down despite the lack of date, but I agree it would be nice to know for sure. 


Dad continues to have a bit of a rebound. No telling how long it will last, but I’m enjoying the visits while he’s doing better. I know he may not be with us much longer. I believe he had an infection, followed by a stroke. They don’t know for sure and they don’t really have a specific cause for him becoming ill, but he did suffer a fall before he became sick a few months ago. 


It’s an emotional rollercoaster at times, made more difficult since I’m the only family member involved. 


My new job is going very well and I can work from home, so that is making life much easier than when I was working a much more demanding job 5 hours away from him. Plus I’m helping Seniors have a more secure retirement, and it’s really gratifying to see the relief it brings them. My former realtor and lender clients have been referring a good stream of people for me to share the program information with. I’m glad I moved back to be closer with him. Thank you for asking. Thank you very much for the prayers and support for him! 


Here’s a pic I took on his birthday, the 11th of August. 



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How many people who look at these old unidentified photos go ahead and date and describe all their photos??  I did and scanned them and sent copies to all my surviving cousins.

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