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'22 frame with '23 engine?

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 I have found that 1923 4 cylinder serial #s running after #826497. 1923 4 cylinder engine #s 890666.

1924 4 cylinder engine #s start at #1090357. So it appears that engine #1072936 should also be for a late 1923.

1922 4 cylinder  serial #s start at #688795. 1922 4 cylinder engine #s start at #767948.

 So... you have a 1923. Probably titled as a 1922 as was common for the time depending when sold. If that was the case, 

to me the car was sold originally in late 1922. The much higher engine # indicates that the engine may have been changed out at a later date.

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RatFink255 is Brice. I added the link from what I found when digging for info on my Buick 1922 Model 35 Touring Car. I think I have a more detailed listing of serial numbers at home will try and remember to look tonight and post it. 

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