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How do you balance wheels on a 1931 Buick Roadster


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I have a front end shimmy at about 40 mph. I've tried installing crystals in my tubes with no luck. Seems like I can't get into the tube no matter what I try. Wonder if I could use a liquid tire balancer I used years ago on motorcycle wheels that sealed and balanced them?



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Before you waste money and time on your wheels you should do a complete alignment, including castor, camber, toe-in and wheel bearing adjustment.  Also maybe make sure your springs and shackles both front and rear are 100% okay.  Out of balance wheels should cause a quiver in the steering wheel that starts at about 40, get worse about 55 and disappears over 60.  In over 400,000 miles on my Pontiac I have only had to balance one set of tires.

Balancing your wheels can be done at home or at some shops.  Do a search on this site and read all the prior discussions.

Once again in case Buick's had specific problems this question would be better asked in the Buick pre-war section.



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