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Toy Car Collection $240,000

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Gleaming vintage car collection including Rolls-Royces and Bentleys goes up for sale for £200,000 with a catch - you have to pedal them yourself

  • Retired garage owner's pedal car collection thought to be the world's largest goes up for sale for £200,000
  • David Waddow, 72, has a collection spanning from Rolls-Royces to Bugattis and even has an amphibian car
  • Mr Waddow, of Chiverton, Devon, will sell the collection at auction because he 'just got bored of them'
  • He even built a dehumidified pedal car showroom next to his Devon home to preserve and display them in
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People don't realize in most cases, collections are worth less as a collection than the items individually as few people need every item offered and base their valuation on what they need.  I have this problem when people sell me literature on occasion.  Yes these all could be valuable, but often many aren't.  Selling as a collection is about the worst thing one can do(unless they just want a quick out)  and usually means they are too lazy to do the work of individually selling items and also don't want to be stuck with the crappy stuff that isn't that easy to sell. 

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